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Executives’ Coaching Program

Do I have an executive coach who has personally grown their own company from $0-$10M+ to assist my key executive using proven growth strategies, and who can guide them to success and hold them accountable?

Executive Coaching

Session purpose

An executive coach will meet with the executive fortnightly or monthly to review their business unit and individual performance, set organisational strategy and address key issues for the executive to hit their long-term growth targets.


Executive (held in person, via Skype or telephone call)

My role

  • Set a mutually agreeable executive coaching plan to be followed by the executive coach and the executive (update, key areas of focus, challenges)  for each coaching session
  • In advance of each business coaching session, receive and review key business information from the organisation (financials, CEO report, project plans etc.)
  • Ask the tough questions of the executive to facilitate growth
  • Coach the executive towards their goals
  • Be a sounding board for the executives challenges encountered along the way and support them as required

Key areas to cover during the session:

Updates on

  • Strategic plan (annual/quarterly) progress
  • Executive key performance metrics
  • Executive key financial performance metrics
  • Right people/right seats/right things
  • Update on executive challenges


Normally pre-work of 15min
2 x Fortnightly Sessions – 75min per session; or 1 x Monthly Session – 90min per session

Best practices for your executive coaching

  • Hold the day off-site
  • Obtain buy-in of key influencers before the day
  • Obtain alignment on the need for clarity around these points before the day
  • Phones, emails, distractions off!


Please contact us for a tailored proposal on executive coaching with your business.

Courage for Profit CEO - Steve McLeod


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