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Annual Strategic Planning Days - Courage For Profit
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Annual Strategic Planning Days

Do we have a clear one page strategic plan with our annual strategic goals and a roadmap of how we are going to achieve these over the next 12 months, with full alignment and buy-in from our senior team?

Annual Strategic Planning

Session purpose

Derive a one page strategic plan focussing on the most important SMART goals, tasks, metrics and celebrations for the organisation over the next 12 months with specific accountabilities for all people and levels within the organisation.

It can be beneficial for this session to be conducted by an external person as opposed to the CEO. This ensures that the CEO can dedicate all of their time to strategy on the day and not be distracted by running the sessions.


Board Members, CEO, Senior Leadership Team, High Performing employees (future leaders)

Steve McLeod Management Training

My role

  • Liaise with key stakeholders and establish the organisational objectives based on the program/s we agree to
  • Set pre-work for attendees prior to the session (approx. 1 hour of work per attendee prior)
  • Receive a briefing and key documents from the organisation (approx. 2-3 hours)
  • Facilitate the session to achieve the business growth outcomes we establish by ensuring that everyone has a voice, constructive discussions are had, everyone is held accountable to set actions, and be honest and upfront about how to get the best results during the day
  • Align the leadership team with the direction of the business, the goals for the business and the decisions and priorities that need to occur for success.
  • Answer questions from attendees over the next 4 weeks on areas to clarify anything covered in the strategic planning process
  • Do a follow-up go2meeting/Skype call 4 weeks after the session to check on progress, keep everyone accountable to what was agreed to at the sessions, and answer any follow-up questions.

Key areas to cover during the session:

  • One Page Strategic Plan: Top 3-5 SMART goals for the following 12 months & aligning this to the organisations vision, priorities and core values
  • Critical metrics to measure and report on weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually
  • Key initiatives to ensure success over the next 12 months and hit our goals
  • Obtain resolutions for any bottlenecks that we are concerned that we would encounter over the next 12 months
  • Key celebrations/rewards/signs of success for the organisation


A pre-work briefing telephone call or meeting between myself and the CEO/business owner usually takes 2-3 hours. During this time the key objectives of the day are discussed and attendee pre-work is set for everyone who is attending. This is normally completed 7-10 days prior to the strategy day.

The strategy day takes a full 8-10 hours.

I always suggest that the day is followed by drinks for all attendees.

Best practices for your annual strategic planning day

  • Hold the day off-site
  • Obtain buy-in of key influencers before the day
  • Obtain alignment on the need for clarity around these points before the day
  • Phones, emails, distractions off!


Please contact us for a tailored proposal on facilitating your annual strategic planning session.


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