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Best Business Coach for Your Business | Steve McLeod
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Vision and Values

‘My job is not to be job is to make people better' - Steve Jobs


Courage for Profit is a business consulting, strategic planning and coaching business that has personal experience in growing businesses.

All Courage for Profit coaches have grown their own businesses and been very successful. We are not a franchise and we do not school people who are our employees to become coaches.

Our Purpose

To dramatically improve the profits of businesses and enrich the lives of business owners

Our Vision

To dramatically improve the profits of 10,000 business owners

Our Values

  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Thirst for improvement
  • Never give up

My passion is passing on my experience to other business owners so that their businesses can reach their true profit potential. I enjoy aligning, motivating and inspiring organisations to reach their potential. I love being involved with leadership teams and helping them on their journey to greatness.

I am passionate about helping organisations achieve their objectives and assisting entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential. I believe that every entrepreneur and organisation must have Courage for Profit.

I am completely honest with the clients I work with and I am only interested in maximising their long term success. I love working with business owners who want to grow the profit of their business and have a real dedication and passion for what they do.

My role is to work with organisations and entrepreneurs who have the Courage for Profit.

Steve McLeod

Courage For Profit Pty Ltd

Steve McLeod - Courage for Profit


Courage for Profit Means

  • Leaders having the courage to make the hard decisions for the success of the organisation and showing courageous leadership to an organisation
  • Having the courage to follow a proven business growth process  and to listen to constructive criticism
  • The courage to always be striving for constant and never ending learning and improvement
  • The courage to get back up after you have been hit and to never stop no matter how difficult the circumstances
  • The courage to take massive action following our coaching, training and strategy days so that your organisation fulfils its full potential

Why choose Steve McLeod as your business coach?

Coaching Skills & Experience

I realised recently that my superpower was motivating and teaching entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using my experience of 10,000+ hours growing my business to $10+ million revenue and millions profit.

Coaching Techniques

My business coaching techniques are based on my own personal experiences in growing companies and well known business growth principles. I have trained and coached entrepreneurs with revenues from $250K-$30M+.

Business Mentor For Success

Do you have a business mentor who has personally grown their own company from $0-$10M+ to assist your business? Do they use proven growth strategies, and can they guide you and your business to success and hold you accountable?

Seminars & Keynote Speaking

I am experienced in running business growth seminars for CEO’s, business owners and senior executives. These programs can be run over 5 days, or as stand-alone sessions by the hour or day, with topics based on the audience needs.

Want To Be More Profitable?