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Business Coach | Steve McLeod's Skills & Experience
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Coaching Skills & Experience

My Superpower

About 2 years ago I realised that my superpower was motivating and teaching entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by using my personal experience of more than 10,000 hours growing my business to $10+ million revenue and making millions in profit.

Skills and experience

I’ve always been an avid learner. ‘Good enough’ are not words that anyone would associate with me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with goal setting, continuous learning and improvement and striving for success.

I love business!

I’ve had great success as an entrepreneur in building my organisation. I have a never ending enthusiasm and passion for helping other businesses to grow and be successful and profitable so that the founder can have a meaningful and amazing life!

My average satisfaction rating on facilitation/trainer feedback from my business growth training and leadership training was 97% in 2015-2016 (I’ve never scored under 93%!). I’m a natural leader and coach and my business growth advice is regularly sought by dozens of business owners.

Starting out

I started my first company Fire and Safety Australia in 2007 after identifying an area of opportunity. Nine years later I still own this company and we have revenues well in excess of $10 million and around 100 people on our team who work in all States and Territories of Australia. I’ve completed several acquisitions and built this business from $0 to one of Australia’s largest emergency response and safety training and services businesses.

Business growth mentoring & coaching

For the last few years I’ve been mentoring, training and advising businesses across Australia with revenues from $250K-$30M+. I conduct annual and quarterly strategic planning days, conduct business growth training, and I am a business coach and business mentor to help business owners to grow their businesses.

I am a trainer for the exclusive Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) Accelerator Program in Australia where I teach entrepreneurs four modules over 4 days of training per year PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION & CASH. For EO I train a world class business growth methodology and back it up with real world case studies from my personal business growth experiences. I teach this program in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney with more than 120 regular participants.

Proven results

During my business growth training sessions over the last 2 years, my average feedback from my entrepreneurs classes which normally have 20-40 business owners in attendance is 9.7/10!

I’ve assisted business owners from all industries to grow their businesses and their profits by leveraging my personal business growth experiences in growing a business from $0 to more than $10+million in revenues, employing approximately 100 employees and generating millions of dollars in profit across its history.

I volunteered as a board member and was nominated as the president of a not-for-profit aged care organisation to help turn it around from a $250K loss and on the brink of closure, to a $50K surplus within 3 years.

Courage for Profit CEO - Steve McLeod
Steve McLeod Leadership Skills Course
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  • Steve McLeod Bio

    • RFF & MFB Firefighter 8 ½ Years (Melbourne & Sydney)
    • Founder/Director- Fire and Safety Australia Pty Ltd 9 years
      Grown from $0- $10M+ Revenue
    • Employed over 100 team members across all geographic regions of Australia
    • Completed 2 acquisitions
    • Achieved 12th on the BRW Fast 100 List 2012
    • Entrepreneurs Organisation Australia Trainer
      (Avg. 2015-2016 Feedback Score 9.7/10)
      Training topics include: Strategy, Execution, People, Cash – Full day sessions run for entrepreneurs with businesses $250K-$30M Revenue
    • I assisted (as board member and president) in the turn-around of an aged care NFP organisation from an annual loss of $250K to a positive surplus of $60K within 3 years
    • Anthill Top 30 entrepreneur under 30 years old – 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Strategy Day facilitator – Facilitation of more than 25+ Annual and quarterly strategic planning days for companies $2m – $15m revenue
    • Sales Process & Sales Training Facilitator  

Steve McLeod BRW Fast 100 2012 award winner
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