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Business Seminar Keynote Speaker - Courage For Profit
Tailored business growth seminars for CEO’s, business owners and senior executives. 2 hours, 4 hours, full day or 5 day seminar packages available to suit your audience.
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Business Seminar Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaking at Business Growth Seminars

I am experienced in running business growth seminars for CEO’s, business owners and senior executives. These programs can be run as a complete business growth seminar program over 5 days, or they can be run as stand-alone sessions of 2 hours, 4 hours or a full day with topics based on the audience’s needs.

Common topics include:

  • How to build a $10M+ business
  • Building a long term crystal clear vision
  • What is your 10 year ideal life plan?
  • What is your organisations superpower?
  • High Performance People Leadership- Do I have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things?
  • Do you have the ‘Courage for Profit?’
  • Lessons from a fire-fighter turned entrepreneur…how do we stop fighting fires and start building firebreaks
  • How do you ensure organisational alignment in growing businesses
Steve McLeod Keynote Speaker

Five Day Seminar Program

The complete business growth seminar program that I teach in full is 5 days. The 5 day course is a very intensive course that runs for 50 hours (10 hour days).

I break the 5 day full program into the following 5 core topics (each of which takes 1 day in total):

People Leadership

How do I recruit retain and lead the best people, what are our company core values, employee feedback, performance vs. core values employee analysis, performance related discussions and key metrics.

Business Systemisation

How do I ensure that: the organisation is systemised, measuring the right things, communicating effectively internally, and running effectively and efficiently to hit our strategic goals.

Business Finances

Business finance basics, cashflow measurement and improvement, labour productivity, Profitability analysis and improvement.

Sales & Marketing

Unique Selling Proposition, landing strategic customers, obtaining customer feedback.

Business Vision & Strategy

How do I ensure that our business is aligned and on the same page, focussed on the things that matter, and structured for continual improvement.

The course will be tailored for your business, with a selection from the following topics

Below is a general list of management training topics that I have taught to various groups of managers and business owners which will be highly tailored for the particular audience:


What is your compelling vision for the future


What got you here may not get you there

USP - Unique Selling Proposition

What do I do that my customers really need and care about that is different to my competition?

High Performance People Leadership

Do I have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things?

Core Values

Identifying the core values of your business and building a great culture

Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101- Finding the right people who fit and building employee performance metrics


Marketing principles to stand out from the crowd


Sales strategies for high growth


How productive are the employees in my business? Is our business becoming more productive or less productive?

Business Levers

How to dramatically grow the cash flow and profitability in your business

Finance 101

Understanding financial statements and reverse budgeting

Sales Management

Sales management principles to lead a high performing sales team


The power of weekly company metrics, communication rhythms and priorities in executing your strategy


How to get and maintain organisational alignment


Customer & Employee Data


Psychological Strength and mindset in leading high growth businesses


Please contact us for a tailored proposal for keynote speaking at your next business seminar.


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